Designer Profiles: Evamarie Sibilia

Evamarie Sibilia

Evamarie Sibilia

Providence Flat Panel cherry Buckskin Appaloosa

Door Style & Finish

Providence maple Sea Salt with hood mantel and island in maple Buckskin

Providence flat panel

Woodhaven Lumber

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"...Medallion was a no-brainer. They saw Buckskin Appaloosa and loved it...!"

Where did you get inspiration for this space?

I work closely with a builder and do all their kitchens, and we wanted something different for this space. Based on the coastal area the home is in, we were going for a driftwood look. When they said they wanted to do something fun with the island, I thought, “Ooh, Buckskin would be really sharp,” so Medallion was a no-brainer. They saw Buckskin Appaloosa and loved it, and we just went with it. I added a bit of Buckskin to the hood as well, so that your eye hits the island and then hits the hood, which elongates the room. We kinda took a gamble on using Buckskin Appaloosa for the island, but it just really pops.


We heard that this kitchen was at the center of a bidding war, what happened?

Yes! The builder had told me that it was going to be a spec home on the ocean front in Lavette, NJ. He put it on the market, and, within a couple of days, it ended up in a bidding war because of the kitchen! The kitchen drove the house sale, the buyers just loved the colors and the way that it was laid out.


Did you face any design dilemmas? How did you solve them?

In this kitchen, the hood isn’t vented out on an exterior wall, it’s on an interior wall. We had to modify the cabinet heights a bit so that the builder could get the exhaust piping in. Then I used crown molding to hide it, so you don’t see it at all. It was nice to not have to use a custom quote, just modifications.


Why did you go with Medallion for this project?

When I found out the ceilings were 108”, I knew right then and there I needed to use a product line that would accommodate that. I knew I wanted to do a stacked cabinet look and would need a semi-custom brand. For the hood, we also knew we wanted to do something soft, but make a statement, so my mind went to this type of hood. I knew Medallion had it, so I just went right to Medallion.

I love all the different door styles and finishes Medallion offers, and if I have a question, our rep always answers it. The promotions are also great and so is the quality, issues are few and far between, and something we can fix. If I can work with Medallion, I will, because of the quality, the door styles, and of course having Peter as our rep.

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Any advice you have for other designers?

I’m not a cookie cutter designer, I try to always put myself into the design of the kitchen. Always design around how you would function in the kitchen and, nine times out of ten, it works out, because you kind of know your way around the kitchen now, what’s functional and what’s not.

Have fun with it! Don’t be afraid to design outside the box — something that you think could be different might make the client think, “That’s a really good idea.” Really listen to your clients; you have to win their trust and show them that you’re confident in what you’re selling.