Designer Profiles: Alicia Schell

Alicia Schell

Bella Lancaster door styles

Door Styles

Bella and Greeley MDF White Icing Classic and Lancaster maple French Roast and Carriage Black Classic.

Slab MDF Door Styles

Open shelves and big windows give the space a refreshing brightness.

Alicia’s riff on the classic white kitchen showcases finishes from bright White Icing to rich French Roast to classic Carriage Black.

"Medallion offers a great price point, up-to-date door styles and finishes, has an outstanding customer service team and is so flexible with modifications."

Did you have a design inspiration for this space?
Yes! I was inspired by the client’s open personality and I used the exterior renderings from the architect and the location. The client told me what she wanted, wall-to-wall cabinets, which I showed them, but I always do an alternate design which is more interesting. A lot of times this means giving up some storage which clients can’t wrap their head around or are worried they won’t have enough storage—FOMO essentially. I loved these clients because they trusted me from the get-go and didn’t hesitate once they saw my alternate design for this space.


What are some of the functional storage solutions you chose?
I have standard things I include in every kitchen design (unless a client tells me otherwise) because these items are the most functional items you can have. I placed them all in this kitchen: pot and pan drawers, tray dividers, double trash pull-outs, a 4-drawer base cabinet and roll-outs in the pantry. We did additional roll-outs at the bar with a taller roll-out at the bottom for liquor bottles.


What did you like best about the design?
The space doesn’t feel as kitchen-y or flat as a kitchen can feel when you have cabinets on every wall—especially when doing an all-white kitchen, which is still so popular! With the black accents and wood tones, the space has dimension and feels very warm and inviting.


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What made you choose Medallion for this project?
Medallion offers a great price point, up-to-date door styles and finishes, has an outstanding customer service team and is so flexible with modifications. It makes working with the products so easy!


What is your favorite part of designing with Medallion?
The best thing is that Medallion’s graphics in 2020 are the best of any of the lines I work with or have ever worked with. Since HGTV started showing renderings, everyone expects great-looking visuals of their spaces, and the Medallion catalogs are fantastic!


Any advice for kitchen designers who are just getting started?
Find a mentor and shadow them. Always LISTEN to the problems that your clients have with their spaces. I find that 90% of my clients tell me that no one has listened to them and offered solutions when they have met with designers before me. Go and participate on the install on the first good-size project you close. Once every 2 years, have work done in your own home so you can maintain empathy for what your clients go through if they are remodeling—having different unknown people in their home, living with dust and upheaval and scheduling.