Big Mood: Introducing Nordic Noir

(Gold) Casey in Shadow on maple and Monona Reverse Raised Panel in Caribou on quartersawn oak

Planning a redesign and ready to really go for it in your new kitchen? Have we got a trend for you. Meet Nordic Noir, a design style inspired by the dark and moody aesthetics of Scandinavian cinema. Got your attention? Good.

Before we go any further, let’s take a step back. Because to truly unwrap Nordic Noir, you must first understand the neighboring design influence from which it gains its foundation: warm and inviting Hygge (pronounced “HOO-guh”). Defined by neutral tones and essential textures, Hygge’s look places a premium on functional ease, with open, airy spaces designed to feature natural light.

Nordic Noir takes this a bit further, combining these minimalist Scandinavian design principles with a darker, more mysterious atmosphere to create unique and captivating spaces. It’s a modern trend that can be seen broadly in today’s fashion and interior decor choices, and its appeal has extended specifically into kitchen remodels for homeowners looking to introduce a little intrigue to their most essential living space.

A Darker Look. A Cleaner Feel. A Richer Space.

One of the defining elements of Nordic Noir design is its color palette. Deep, dark shades like our Shadow, Earl Grey, Frappe, Celeste, and Eucalyptus often in matte finishes dominate, creating a sense of coziness and sophistication. In kitchen concepts, these colors can be applied to cabinetry, backsplashes, or even accent walls and islands to create the look you want.

To maintain the minimalism of Nordic Noir, designers are seeking out sleek door styles such as Medallion’s Apollo, Bella, or Casey selections.

Apollo in Dockside on oak

Apollo in Dockside on oak

Bella in Natural on straight-grain maple

Bella in Natural on
straight-grain maple

Casey in Shadow on maple

Casey in Shadow on maple

Apollo in Gray Owl on maple

Apollo in Gray Owl on maple

But beyond the application of cabinetry and finishes, other considerations come into play to achieve the Nordic Noir look. Lighting—like suspended pendant options or strategically placed recessed sources—plays a key role, delivering drama and achieving balance between ambiance and functionality. Additionally, natural materials like dark wood, stone, or concrete serve up texture and depth while harmonizing with the darker hues.

And finally, curated touches like plush, deep-toned area rugs or upholstered seating, and decorative elements like copper or brass accents, complete the Nordic Noir style statement.

An alluring blend of minimalism and mystery, Nordic Noir can elevate your kitchen remodel into something truly memorable.