Designer Profiles: Tara Andersen

Tara Andersen

Medallion and Design-Craft blend seamlessly in this ingenious design.

"The color selections and the customizable details are my favorite part of designing with Medallion and Design-Craft."

What makes this design unique?

The main goal of the space was to make the cabinetry feel like fitted vintage furniture. To achieve that look, I used both Medallion Platinum and Design-Craft. Platinum had the right heirloom look for the overall space and we used Design-Craft for the paneled refrigerator and pantry area for more pantry space and a cleaner look.

The bookcase to the right of the fireplace was customized, to give it a built-in feel. In the kitchen, I also reduced the rail in between the upper and lower doors to 1.5” high with custom quotes.

One of the things I like best about the design is the hood cabinet. It’s subtle, but I like the way it integrates into the rest of the cabinetry.


What are some of the functional storage solutions you chose?

The shallow built-in cabinetry left and right of the fireplace added a lot of bonus space since the client chose to use a kitchen table rather than a traditional island.


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Why did you choose Medallion & Design-Craft for this project?

My client was drawn to the Eucalyptus color, which was the main part of the choice. My favorite part of designing with Medallion is the color selections and the customizable details. Using Medallion and Design-Craft also meant the client got a high-end overall look without a full-custom price.


Any advice for kitchen designers who are just getting started? Or advice for anyone designing in 2021 and beyond?

My advice would be to listen closely and learn from other designers that have been doing this for a while, and to expand their design inspiration beyond social media. The world is full of inspiration from nature, art, fashion, etc. Pulling from sources like that will keep your designs fresh and unique.