Designer Profiles: Rose Keaweamahi-Hoovler

Rose Keaweamahi Hoovler

Rose Keaweamahi-Hoovler

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"My client showed me a picture that she found on Pinterest—she fell in love with the Chestnut finish! She wanted functional kitchen design with a lot of bells and whistles."

What was your design inspiration for this project?

My client showed me a picture that she found on Pinterest—she fell in love with the Chestnut finish and wanted to have some contrast with her existing trim. She also shared that she really loves to cook and wanted me to create a functional kitchen design with a lot of bells and whistles.


Why did you choose Medallion Cabinetry for this project?

We selected Medallion for this job because of the door styles and finishes that you offer, compared to the other brands that we carry. My client loved the Bella door style and Chestnut finish. What drew the customer to Medallion and what helped close the sale was me recommending the brand and showing my client past kitchen designs that I have created using Medallion Cabinetry.


Did you face any design dilemmas? How did you solve them?

Yes, my client shared with me that she wanted to create a coffee station next to the refrigerator without sacrificing any storage space. I sent in a custom quote request for a tall cabinet with pocket doors and three drawers below. I also modified the depth of the cabinet to accommodate a countertop to be installed inside the cabinet. Now my client has easy access to her coffee maker and supplies while keeping the countertops clutter-free.


Did you include any other functional storage solutions?

My customer really wanted a hardworking kitchen, so we pulled out all the stops. I included a base blind corner with full-access trays, two tall pantry cabinets with roll-out trays, a pull-out divider, a base pull-out mixer shelf, and a double recycling and wastebasket cabinet. Last, but not least, I added a base cabinet with a drawer to accommodate a pull-out drawer microwave. I love how the kitchen is so functional.


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What is your favorite part of designing with Medallion?

Working with your team members—they are so helpful and are always willing to find a solution to fix whatever issue is at hand. Your customer service is outstanding. If there is a warranty issue that comes up, Medallion fixes it. This is huge to me because I do not have time to work on warranty claims; I am always so busy working on my designs and closing sales. Medallion has been a great company to work with over the years.


Any advice for kitchen designers who are just getting started? 

My advice is to team up with someone who will take you under their wing or be a mentor to you. I have been lucky enough in my career that I was surrounded by designers who wanted me to successful. I would also say to sign up with Pinterest and Houzz, watch HGTV, and always strive to keep on learning and keep up with the latest trends.