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Quiet Contemporary

Minimalist design meets comfortable warmth in this earthy contemporary space.

Fresh Farmhouse

Fresh Farmhouse

Classic Farmhouse elements intertwine with thoughtful, elegant touches in this inviting kitchen.

Greystone Manor

Three shades of gray are woven throughout this thoughtful and refined kitchen—elegant details peek out from every corner and fine furniture elements lend an air of relaxed sophistication.

Classic White with a Twist

Potter's Mill with Flat Panel in White Icing Classic, and Peppered Appaloosa on maple

Potter's Mill with Flat Panel in White Icing Classic, and Peppered Appaloosa on maple.

Luxe Retreat

Bright white and bold blue offer a crisp, clean backdrop for sophisticated touches, from the expansive butler’s pantry to sparkling metallic

Classic Contempo

Classic pieces and refined furniture details complement metallic accents and streamlined silhouettes in this boldly contrasting space.

Reclaimed Modern

Rustic, textured materials complement a subdued, earthy palette and slab silhouettes in this updated take on Modern styling.

Vintage Chic

A fashion-forward monochromatic palette with unexpected textural details is both bold and inspiring while remaining harmonious and sophisticated.


Bella straight-grain maple Natural and Sandalwood


Yukon hickory Natural; Rushmore knotty alder Carriage Black Ebony Glaze with Heirloom Distressing; mantel is cherry Carriage Black Ebony Glaze with Heirloom Distressing

Terrace Vanity Collection

Retreat to your favorite outdoor destination while soaking in the warmth of your rustic tub. The Terrace collection provides an escape to a lakehouse, where time ticks slowly and the warmth and beauty of nature invades your senses.

Mezza Vanity Collection

Soak yourself in European luxury and imagine the perfect spa retreat flanked by continental, urban architecture. Escape the mundane with the Mezza collection, combining unique, contemporary design with the luxury that you'd find at a premier European spa. Live the pampered life with Mezza.

Veranda Vanity Collection

Escape to a tropical paradise and shed your worries in the relaxed atmosphere of the Veranda collection. No matter where it is that you call home, experience the lush breeze of the tropics in the classic elegant designs of Veranda.

Portico Vanity Collection

Immerse yourself in the brilliance of grand design with the Portico collection. Begin your day basked in luxury with bathroom furniture that emulates exquisite villas, end it soaking the day's work away as nobility. Experience magnificence with Portico.

Solare Vanity Collection

Refresh your soul and revive your home with an open and airy design that brings the outdoors inside to create your own personal sanctuary. Relax, breathe and renew your spirit with Solaré.