Designer Profiles: Emily Chandler

Emily Chandler

Statement Centerpiece

The dramatic range hood captures the eye.

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Tons of Storage

Emily made sure to give her clients plenty of ways to keep their new kitchen organized.

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"Emily is an excellent designer, has experience on webinars and interviews, and is a big fan of Medallion Cabinetry. Emily designed the showroom at Mid-South Building Supply, and won the NKBA Innovative showroom award for Best Medium Multi-Location Showroom."

Is there a unique use of product or a modification that was used to solve a design dilemma?

The shiplap end panels on the island were both custom quoted. I needed these to be an 49.” So they would come flush with the thickness of the doors facing each direction. These end panels also allowed me to give the client outlets on all four corners of the island. I also used the pipe chase mod on the custom quoted appliance garage (custom quoted due to the overall height of the cabinet needed). Lastly, the run on the base cabinet along the sink wall was so long that I wanted to avoid a seam in the countertop, so I designed the stepped up bar height section between the 2 appliance garages. It works well functionally too, since the beverage refrigerator is located there as well. This becomes a great place for guests to help themselves to drinks, while staying out of the main cooking/prep area.


Door Style & Finish

(Gold) Potter’s Mill Flat Panel in Gray Owl and Celeste and Eagle Rock on maple

Eagle Rock

This rustic and robust earth tone brings both elegance and rich warmth to your any space.

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Why was this brand selected for the job? What drew the customer to the brand? What helped to close the sale?

The customer loved looking through so many shades of blue offered by Medallion for their kitchen, but ultimately, the Eagle Rock stain spoke so well with the deep blue in Celeste. I also knew to achieve some of these design aspects they were requesting, custom quotes were going to be needed.


What did you like best about the design?

As the designer, one of my favorite parts of this particular design is knowing that there is opportunity for expansion! Our original design featured a stepped down top and open shelf storage off the end of the island to serve as a dining table. Due to overall costs of the project as a whole, we had to remove this section, but we made sure if they wanted to add this in the future, the dimensions of the current island would still work with this addition down the road.


What is your favorite part of designing with Medallion?

Medallion offers many one click modifications that makes my life as a designer easier. It cuts down on my design time but also on explanations to the installer or questions from them later. Its great knowing the product get delivered with my design features built in from the factory ahead of time. One of the best feelings is when a design fit together like a true puzzle and doesn’t require extra on site modifications. It keeps things so clean.


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